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Preventing Decline: Advances in the Medical Treatment of Hearing Loss & Tinnitus

Does preventing Dementia feel like a losing battle? Well, its actually a war. Your enemies are your genes, your hearing and your lifestyle. But together we can outsmart each of them and help you live your best life, stay connected, live without tinnitus and keep making memories. Dr. Darrow’s revolutionary new book shares the secrets that other Doctors won’t tell you including:

  • Hearing care is health care.
  • Preventing Dementia is possible.
  • You can live with less ringing in your ears
  • The most important keys to active aging

Along with the helping you choose the best specialist for you and your family, Dr. Darrow shares insights on how to stay active and fiercely independent as you age

Stop Living in Isolation: How Treating Hearing Loss and Tinnitus can change your life, maintain your independence, and may reduce your risk of dementia

Dr. Darrow’s first book, and Amazon.com Best-Seller, put forth the first of its kind patient education for patients to read and understand before seeking a hearing health care specialist. This profoundly practical book about hearing loss and tinnitus, introduced Dr. Darrow’s innovative approach to the medical treatment of hearing loss, tinnitus, and associated cognitive needs for individuals of all ages.

Cookbook Cover 3D

Healthy Food Healthy Brain: The Definitive Guide to Feeding Your Brain Healthy Foods

Dr. Darrow’s first cookbook! Read all about the recipes behind a healthy-functioning brain and the science that supports it. 

Not only will you find eye-opening science and explanations linking nutrition and healthy brain function, you’ll enjoy the food!

How To Choose An Audiologist Anywhere in America

If you are researching audiologists and different types of hearing treatment options for yourself, your spouse, or a loved one, you need to read this!

Dr. Darrow covers the most important things to consider when choosing the right hearing healthcare specialist. Just like every ear is different, audiology practices are different too. In your search for finding the right hearing health care professional, you will most likely find there are several options available, but it is important to know that all hearing loss treatment options are not created equal.

Your Brain: A User’s Manual

Having a healthy brain as you age is not something to be taken for granted, nor is it a guarantee. 

Taking good care of your brain helps you remain an active part of your life, your family, your friends, your community and assures you the life you always wanted as you reached your pinnacle. It also helps you avoid what you never wanted to deal with: cognitive decline and dementia.

This manual will help you discover how maintaining the health of your brain is directly linked to the prevention of chronic conditions such as hearing loss, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. 


Patient Review

“The tinnitus ringing, it’s gone. I don’t have to read lips anymore. I don’t have to pretend as if I understood what you just said with a nod and smile. My mind is now sharper.”

~Jim Polito